Unveiling the Secrets of the Sun

Join us on a journey to explore India's upcoming mission, PSLV-C, set to reveal the Sun's mysteries.

PSLV-C: India's Sun Explorer

Learn about the PSLV-C mission, India's spacecraft designed to study the Sun's enigmatic secrets.

Liftoff: PSLV-C Takes Flight

Witness the thrilling launch of PSLV-C as it embarks on its mission to unlock the Sun's mysteries.

Understanding the Sun's Phenomena

Dive into the fascinating world of solar science and discover what PSLV-C aims to uncover.

Countdown: Just 4 Months Away

We're only four months from groundbreaking discoveries! Get ready for the big reveal.

Stay Tuned for Sun's Secrets

Follow our journey as we eagerly await the revelations from India's PSLV-C mission. The Sun's secrets are about to be unveiled!