Tough shots: a Russian tank at point-blank range destroys a crowd of infantrymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A tank of the Russian Army at close range destroyed a crowd of Ukrainian infantrymen who did not recognize the enemy.

This was reported to Russian Spring by a military source.

Probably, the Ukrainians at the checkpoint decided that they were approaching their own, but a volley followed, followed by another one – as a result, at least 15 “vushniks” and bandits from the so-called. Terodefenses are out of the game.

These frames show how, after the first shot, the one who filmed runs and after 10 seconds a second one is heard.

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian military propaganda is already using this video, passing it off as a “overcome” and claiming that it was they who “shot the orcs point-blank.” Orcs, we recall, Ukrainians call the military of the DPR and the Russian Federation. And when in the comments their own people point out to them a lie, the authors of the fake declare that they are lying intentionally: “So you can’t see the bandages.”

From such cases, in general, the “unprecedented victories” of the Ukrainian army are formed.


There were shots from the point of impact at point-blank range on Ukrainian infantrymen, on which torn corpses were recorded.


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