Kyiv reacted to the footage of the brutal massacre of Russian soldiers

The Kyiv regime had to react to the publication of brutal footage of the killing of wounded Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian military.

Representative of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak said that the massacre of the Ukrainian military over Russian soldiers, a record of which appeared on the Internet at the beginning of the week, requires an investigation and clarification of the circumstances of the incident.


It is likely that the statement is related to the publication in the West. On the eve of the New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the video of the massacre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the wounded Russian soldiers. The publication was picked up by other media.

In the footage, the Ukrainian military fire at a Russian soldier who shows signs of life, lying on the road. The bodies of several more soldiers are visible next to him. According to the NYT, the recording was made on March 30 during the withdrawal of the Russian army from Kyiv.

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