Here the list of Telegram channel for Live updates of Ukraine v/s Russia War

Anyone wnts to know the live updates of Ukrain war .Here you can find the list of Telgram channels for live updates nd live footage of war .

Good Telegrm channel with active updates of military combat footage(Russia Ukraine War)

Ukraine war footage telegram channels

1. ukrainewarfootage

2. milinfolive

3. warruk

4. warleaks11

5. faceofwar

6. FaceofwarReserve

7. polkazov

8. ukrainerussia2022germany

9. vorposte

10. UkraineNowGerman

11. UkraineNowFrench

12. ukrainenowenglish

13. Ukr_G_M

14. mariupolnow

15. voenacher

16. britishintelligence

17. RVvoenkor

18. RVvoenkor/7578

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